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    cze 2018
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    witam pomoże ktos nie wiem czy warto lecieć mam pare kilometrów WAUZZZ8E57A075232 NR.REJ NLP 944

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    Starszy użytkownik Avatar Kris75
    lip 2010
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    Link: https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/audi-a...-ID6AsJXv.html

    Ostatni przebieg zarejestrowany to 196.104 km w dniu 03.07.2017

    Trudno nazwać auto z września 2006 jako rocznik 2007, zwłaszcza że było rejestrowane w grudniu 2006.

    Main data
    Parameter Value
    Brand AUDI
    Model AUDI A4 AV. 1.8
    VIN WAUZZZ8E57A075232
    Check digit Не используется (Not used)
    Sales id 8ED0A4
    Production date 2006-09-05
    Model year 2007
    Engine code BFB
    Engine volume, L 1.80
    Number of cylinders 4
    Power, KW 120
    Power, PS 163
    Colour of body 5B (SILVER: light silver metallic)
    Colour of roof 5B (SILVER: light silver metallic)
    Trim NK
    Gearbox code HFD (5S)
    Country of sale 000 ()
    Custom options
    Parameter Value
    E4J Special editions: "S-line"
    1PA Lockable wheel bolts: Standard wheel bolts
    0CS Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components: Vehicle class differentiation 8E0
    0P0 Exhaust tailpipe: Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
    0GG Emissions standard: Emission standard EU4
    1D0 Trailer hitch: Without trailer hitch
    4UF Airbag: Driver's and front passenger air bag with front passenger air bag deactivation
    0W2 Label for central electric: Label for central electric English-speaking countries
    QE0 Storage compartment package: Without tray areas package/box
    GS0 Applications: Without applications
    6XD Exterior mirror setting: Exterior mirrors: electrically adjustable/heated
    5SL Left exterior mirror: Left exterior mirror: aspherical
    5RU Right exterior mirror: Right exterior mirror: convex (large viewing field)
    1X0 Drive layout: Front wheel drive
    A8S Equipment levels: Standard equipment
    1KP Brake type in rear: Disc brakes, rear
    J1L Batteries: Battery 280 A (60 Ah)
    1LT Brake type, front: Disc brakes, front
    6FA Components with special surface appearance: Components without special surface appearance
    B0A Component part sets with country-specific design requirements: Component parts set without country-specific design requirement
    0VV Owner's manuals: Information kit in Swedish
    7QA CD ROM/DVD/SD card: Without CD/DVD for navigation
    7A0 CD changer/CD player: Without CD changer/CD player
    C28 General operating permit, alterations: Operating permit, alteration
    1BE Shock absorption/suspension, chassis: Sports suspension/shock absorption
    3S1 Roof rails/roof load rack: Bright roof rails
    2T0 Double-size standard radio/dual-view display: Without double-sized standard (DIN)
    3FA Roof insert/convertible top: Without roof insert (standard roof)
    3X0 Ski bag: Without load-through provision
    2G1 Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type: Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel
    7AL Theft protection system: Anti-theft alarm system, passenger compartment control, backup horn and towing protection
    5TE Inserts: Decorative aluminum inserts
    7M8 Scuff plates: Scuff plates in door apertures
    7X0 Park distance control: Without park distance control
    UF0 Electric interface for external use: Without electric interface
    0FA Manufacturing sequence differentiation: Standard manufacturing sequence
    4R5 Window regulator: Power windows with comfort operation and circuit breaker, mechanical window regulators rear
    5NC Hood and trunk stay: Standard tailgate stay
    8K3 Headlight control: Separate daytime running lights with low beam assistant and "Coming Home" feature
    2V1 Fresh air intake for passenger compartment (with particulate filter): Dust and pollen filter
    1C2 Antifreeze: Antifreeze up to -35 degree celsius tolerance up to -40 degree C
    5L0 Front spoiler: Without front spoiler
    F0A Vehicle specifications: No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
    8GR Alternators: Alternator 150 A
    0G1 Transmission types/gearshift mechanisms: Gearshift lever
    1YA Transmission shafts, rear axle: Without transmission shafts f. rear axle
    1WG Transmission shafts: Transmission shafts w/ 88 mm in diameter
    0YJ Weight category rear axle: Weight range 9 installation control only, no requirement forecast
    0JE Weight category front axle: Weight category front axle weight range 5
    T0L Base engine: 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.8 L unit 06B.G
    6M0 Tie down straps/net/pocket: Without tie down straps/net/pocket
    8T1 Cruise control system: Cruise control system (CCS)
    VC0 Garage door opener: W/o remote-controlled garage door opener
    G0C Transmission specifications: 5-speed manual transmission
    6Y9 Cruise control system and speed limiter: W/o cruise control speed limit system
    6V1 Rear trim panel: Rear trim panel (ECE)
    5J2 Rear spoiler: Rear spoiler (type 2)
    6NJ Molding roof liner: Standard molded headlining
    3NZ Rear seats: Rear seat bench unsplit, backrest split folding
    9AK Heating and air conditioning system: Climatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc
    8BB Headlamps: Halogen headlight for driving on the right
    FC1 Customized installation: Customized installation
    U1A Instrument clusters: Instrument insert with km/h speedometer, clock, tachometer and trip odometer
    4N0 Dashboard: Standard dashboard
    4L6 Breakaway interior rearview mirror: Breakaway interior rear view mirror, automatically dimming
    K8D Body style: Station Wagon Variant/Avant
    6SS Luggage compartment floor covering: Luggage compartment floor covering
    4W0 Cassette and CD storage unit: Without cassette and CD storage unit
    1W0 Refrigerator: Without refrigerator/glove compartment cooling system
    1Z1 Fuel quantity for initial filling: Erhöh.der Serienkraftstofferstbefüllung um 4 Liter
    0F2 Fuel systems: Fuel system for carburetor gasoline engine
    5C0 Body measures: Without special body measures
    6W5 Front license plate carrier: Front license plate bracket
    5K1 Paint preservative/transit coating: Paint preservative (wax)
    QQ1 Light package (lighting): With additional lights (interior lighting)
    L0L Steering system arrangement: Left-hand drive vehicle
    1N1 Steering: Power steering
    7P1 Lumbar support: Power adjustable lumbar support in front seats
    1XW Steering wheels: Leather trimmed multi-function sports steering wheel
    9VD Speaker installation: Speaker (active)
    8Q1 Headlight range control: Headlight-range adjustment
    6E3 Center armrest: Front center armrest
    FM0 Versions: Basic equipment variant
    9Q2 Multi-function display/trip computer: Multi-function display/on-board computer with check control
    3D1 Center console: Center console
    8Z5 Engine cooling system: Not hot country
    D7G Engine specifications: 4-cyl. gasoline engine 1.8 L/120 kW 20V turbo base engine is T0L/TF2/T8C
    7Q0 Navigation device: Without navigation device
    GP1 Upgrading measures: Vehicles with special upgrade measures
    4P2 Platform module, luggage compartment floor: Rear floor panel module, type 3
    FQ0 Quattro GmbH: Standard production wheels
    AQ0 Quality class: Standard-production quality
    C2F Wheels: Leichtmetallräder 7J x 16 Alu-3, ET 42
    8UD Radios: Radio "concert"
    7K0 Direct tire pressure monitoring system: Without tire pressure warning light
    H6U Tires: Tires 205/55 R16 91W
    V0A Tire suppliers: Tires w/o specification of tire brand
    1G5 Spare wheel/breakdown kit: Space-saving spare wheel, same size (same rolling circumference) as original equipment tires
    PQD S line exterior package (quattro GmbH)
    WKI comfort package for Sweden
    4X3 Side airbag: Side air bag front with curtain air bag
    7F9 Gearshift knob/handle: Plastic/leather gearshift knob/handle
    A00 Self-collection / special control: No self-collection
    2KA Special labels/plates: Labels/plates in Swedish and English
    4E0 Lock operation for tailgate/trunk lid: Tailgate/trunk lid unlocking from outside
    2K7 Bumper systems: Reinforced bumpers
    9P1 Seat belt check: Seat belt reminder, electric contact in buckle
    N5F Seat trim covers: Fabric seat covering
    3L3 Seat adjustment: Manual height adjustment for front seats
    4A3 Seat heater: Seat heater for front seats separately controlled
    0LE Safety certificate: Special plates/stickers/ safety certificates for Sweden
    S2S Control number (no PR family): Control (in-plant)
    QH0 Audio-response system/voice control: Without voice control
    4KC Side and rear windows: Side and rear windows in heat-insulating glass
    3Y0 Roll-up sun screen for rear and side windows: Without roll-up sun screen
    7B2 Socket: 12-volt socket in luggage boot
    FA0 Handling production and pre-production: Control of standard production
    8X1 Headlamp washer system: Headlight washer system
    4K4 Door and lid locking system: Radio remote controlled central locking
    B07 Type approval countries/countries with special requirements: Type approval Sweden
    5D1 Carrier frequency for radio remote control: Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
    NT1 Transit coating: Transit coating (type 2)
    QV0 TV reception/digital radio reception: W/o TV reception/digital radio reception
    1VG Installation parts for engine (engine mount system): Installation parts for four-cylinder engine
    1SA Front underbody guard: Without additional front underbody guard
    1EX Identification plates: Spezielles Typschild fГјr EG
    2Z1 Type sign: Type sign at rear and "Quattro" nameplates respectively
    1T2 First aid kit / warning triangle: Warning triangle
    Q1D Front seats: Sports front seats
    9W0 Telephone / telematics: W/o car phone preparation/installation
    4GQ Windshield glass type: Windshield in heat-insulating glass
    2WA Additional tires (snow tires): Without additional tires
    0TD Floor mats: Front and rear floor mats
    4ZB Decorative trims: Bright moldings
    3B9 Additional child seat anchors: Child seat anchor for child seat system ISOFIX front and rear
    9M0 Auxiliary heater: Without auxiliary/parking heater
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    dzięki za pomoc trochę dziwne przez rok zrobił 2 tyś km. ale może się czepiam jest jakaś szansa na historię napraw blacharskich czy tylko miernik na miejscu ? wiadomo przez tel.co innego na miejscu co innego pozdrawiam

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    https://www.otomoto.pl/oferta/audi-a...-ID6AsJXv.htmlGość napisał mi że auto dopiero "jedzie/płynie" i będzie w pon/wt robił zdjęcia... kolor: niebieski?A Wy tu piszecie od czerwca że jest zainteresowanie?

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